"AI ad server that continuously evolves through learning"
“Customers view ads they are interested in—Win! Advertisers experience increase in ad efficiency—Win! Media gain more performance and branding—Win!”
“The key to this ad Win-Win-Win situation is in DATA!”

About the Service

The expected effects of implementing media-unique ad platform

If the main stream of revenues is from ads and the media possesses a decent amount of visitors and traffic the implementation of media-unique ad platform can ultimately help differentiate media branding and maximize ad revenue through strategic ad product management, a sophisticated exposure policy, and ad quality control.

  • Strategic ad product management
  • Ad quality control
  • Sophisticated ad exposure policy
  • Media branding and differentiation
  • Ad revenue maximization
  • Construct ecosystem of ad~media~customer
Brand the media as a more valuable media in the eyes of advertisers and customers and simultaneously maximize ad revenue
If ads were selected and exposed according to the interest of each individual user, wouldn’t user satisfaction and ad revenue both increase? The key to this success is in DATA!
Recobell has constructed a highly satisfactory ad platform with the use of a data-based optimization engine for various advertisers, media, and clients including service for a global community.
Explore optimal customer for each ad, Explore optimal ad for each customer
If ads are exposed to customers with zero interest in those ads, this can lead to an increase in customers’ stress level as well as a waste of ad costs. However, by discovering customers who have interest in specific ads and exposing these ads to them in real-time, ad efficiency can be maximized!

List of Clients

Multiple clients in various categories such as open markets, online malls, shopping malls, beauty, furniture, finance, and lifestyle