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About the Service

Keyword7 Features

K7 helps our clients achieve their advertisement goals in a smart and efficient way through performance maximization and an accurate analysis of indexes such as ROAS, conversion, and inflow

  • Smart ad management with the use of AI
    Smart automated bidding through machine learning algorithm Ad management optimization to help achieve goals
  • New perspective on Big Data-based analysis
    Discover low-cost, high-efficient, and new keywords Gain insight through integrated media monitoring
  • Optimum management environment for search ads
    Save time and cost through the management of ads in bulks Integrated management of multiple media in one page
Keyword7 Function

Keyword7 is a smart ad management solution.

Automated bidding
Highly efficient automated bidding in compliance with ad goals
  • Fast and accurate achievement of target rank and 24-hour steady maintenance of target rank
  • Prevent excessive ad expense by searching for the most optimal bidding price
Keyword Kit
Discover new keywords pertaining to various needs and search expected outcomes
  • Discover cost effective long-tail keywords that were missed
  • ecure significant keywords such as related search words and media search words in bulks
Smart Filter
Integrated search and management of operating ad units
  • Search and manage in accordance to performance-based and device-based goals
  • Integrated filter feature works well even with large volumes of data
Registration in Bulks and Tags
Registration of data in bulks and user-customized management
  • Large data = more time? Convenient feature that helps save marketer’s time
  • Marketer-customized keyword management through the use of tags
Monitor Competing Companies
Analyze competitor’s current status in regards to the keyword that is being bid
  • Support the process of setting bidding strategies by monitoring the ranks of competing companies in real time
  • Gain more insight by assessing competitors’ source of information
View current status of ad operation per media in one page
  • Conveniently look up ad performance on multiple media such as NAVER and Daum
  • Quick outlook on issues through an intuitive information search

List of Clients

Multiple clients in various categories such as open markets, online malls, shopping malls, beauty, furniture, finance, and lifestyle

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