Recommend the most optimal marketing solution based on our top-notch, specialized technology! “Best Performance Management manifested in the process of core target setting all the way to automated management based on Big Data”

About the Service

We support performance-driven digital marketing management for maximum ad efficiency. With Recobell’s unique and specialized Big Data collection and analysis, we discover target users’ wants and needs and help our clients reach their KPI.

    Use of Big Data-based AI solution

    Access to Big Data-based AI solution (‘Keyword7’) Real-time gathering and analysis of target users’ demands

    Digital Performance Marketing

    Achieve the best results by implementing various types of digital marketing with the use of information about the target users

    Data Analysis

    Draw insight and measure effectiveness through the analysis of marketing data and performance data

    Big Data Consulting

    Provide valuable consulting by collecting, defining, integrating, and organizing various domestic/international Big Data and conducting a thorough analysis of these data

BigData Marketing System
  • Data Driven
  • Keyword mining
  • Operation
  • Analysis
  • Media search words based on Big Data of approximately 280 news media companies in South Korea
  • Behavior targeted search words of users visiting portals and company websites
  • Expand high-efficient search words and predict search word performance based on Data
  • Automated extraction of user-based and performance-based search words
  • Real-time monitoring system of the company and its competitors
  • AI bidding system and optimized ranking management
  • Provide analysis solution to maximize KPI-based performance
  • Integrated management system
Marketing Analysis Reporting
Multi-faceted performance analysis and integrated reporting

Set up marketing strategies and provide integrated reports by conducting multi-faceted performance analysis with the use of AI Gain insight from Big Data collected from various categories such as media-based, device-based, and multichannel-based marketing analysis AI-based, advertiser-specific, and integrated reporting comprised of Big Data, search ad data, keyword group correlation, proportion, progress, and quadrant analysis

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List of Clients

Multiple clients in various categories such as open markets, online malls, shopping malls, beauty, furniture, finance, and lifestyle