“We provide an AI-based personalized
recommendation service that utilizes Big Data.”

About the Service

  • 01
    Analyze behavior history of individual customers visiting the website

    A female client in her 20~30s who visited the site because of her interest in Product ‘A’

  • 02
    Recommend products with higher purchase rate by looking at past browse history and recent items of interest

    Immediate, real-time recommendation of products of interest through Big Data-based AI analysis

  • 03
    Make customers purchase product by continuously luring the customers to click products and prevent them from leaving the site

    Continuous personalized recommendation of products of similar taste but different styles → customer discovers the product he or she likes and ends up purchasing it

Product-Based Recommendation Service

Elicit increase in traffic through product-based recommendation and recommend products with high purchase rate

Product-Based (Item-to-Item) Recommendation
  • Products viewed together(ViewTogether)
  • Products bought together(BuyTogether)
  • Products related to search term(SearchTerm to Item)
User-Based Recommendation Service

Recommend the most suitable personalized product to the user by considering each user’s traits and recent needs

User-Based (User-to-Item) Recommendation
  • Personalized recommendation (based on past history)
  • Real-time personalized recommendation (based on recent interests)
  • Similar user recommendation(User to User)

Recommendation Solution Outcomes

Competitors have already selected Recobell and are witnessing high performance results through our service.

Log data status

Collecting and analyzing log data as of January 22. 2021

Cumulative log data
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